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The UN: Promoting World Peace

The United Nations (UN) is perhaps the most important political contribution of the 20th century. Some may argue that the work of the UN 1 ; an international peacekeeping organization—has proven futile, given persisting global conflict. But the UN's worldwide influence demands a closer look. This organization's global impact is undeniable. The UN is a strong political organization determined to create opportunities for its member nations to enjoy a peaceful and productive world. 2

3 Decades ago, provoked by the events of World Wars I and II, world leaders began imagining a politically neutral force for international peace. The UN was born in 1945 with 51 participating nations. It was to be a collective political authority for global peace and security. Today, 193 nations are UN members. 4 In keeping with the original hope, the UN still strives toward peaceful international relations.

Understandably, no single organization can perfectly solve the world's countless, complex problems. But the UN has offered consistent relief for many of the past half-century's most difficult disasters and conflicts. It also provides a safe space for international conversation. Moreover, it advocates for issues such as justice, trade, hunger relief, human rights, health, and gender 5 equality, the UN also coordinates care for those displaced by disaster and conflict, 6 dictates environmental protection, and works toward conflict reconciliation.

7 8 The year 2014 witnessed the UN peacekeeping force grow to over 100,000 strong. These uniformed, volunteer, civilian personnel represent 128 nations. The UN's budget has also grown over the years to support an international court system, as well as countless agencies, committees, and centers addressing sociopolitical topics. Today's UN does big things, and it functions with remarkable organization and efficiency. Critics highlight shortcomings to discount the UN's effectiveness. But considering the countless disasters to which the UN has responded over its six decades of existence, today's world might enjoy 9 far less peace, freedom, and safety without the UN.

[1] From promoting overarching sociopolitical change to offering food and care for displaced groups, the UN serves to protect human rights. [2] Equally 10 quotable are its initiatives to foster international collaboration, justice, and peace. [3] The UN provided aid to the Philippines after the disastrous 2013 typhoon. [4]Certainly, this work is not finished. [5] But no other organization compares with the work and influence of the UN. [6] This brave endeavor to insist on and strive for peace, whatever the obstacles, has indeed united hundreds of once-divided nations. [7] Today, with eleven Nobel Peace Prizes to its name, the UN is undoubtedly an irreplaceable and profoundly successful force for peace. 11


  • B. —an international peacekeeping organization;
  • C. —an international peacekeeping organization—
  • D. ; an international peacekeeping organization,

2. Which concluding sentence, if added to the paragraph, most effectively establishes the main claim of the paragraph?

  • A. The UN is an organization dedicated to advancing social and political justice around the world.
  • B. Those who argue otherwise are not well educated about geopolitical issues in the 20th century or today.
  • C. The UN has had its share of corruption over the years, but it has a well-earned reputation of effectively settling international disputes.
  • D. A better understanding of the UN suggests that the UN enables far greater peace in today's world than could have been possible otherwise.


  • B. Recently,
  • C. Consequently,
  • D. In other words,


  • B. In having kept with the original hope, the UN still strives toward peaceful international relations.
  • C. In keeping with the original hope, the UN still strived toward peaceful international relations.
  • D. In keeping with the original hope, the UN still strove toward peaceful international relations.


  • B. equality. The UN
  • C. equality: the UN
  • D. equality, The UN


  • B. prefers
  • C. promotes
  • D. celebrates

7. Which topic sentence would most effectively express the central idea of the paragraph?

  • A. The UN's budget, goals, and personnel count have significantly expanded with time to meet more needs.
  • B. The UN has developed over the years, but critics charge it has met with limited success.
  • C. The responsibilities of the UN have expanded in recent years in response to challenging events.
  • D. The UN has maintained a quiet but effective voice on the world stage in spite of criticism.

8. Which choice best completes the sentence with accurate data based on the graphic?

  • B. The year 2010 led to an increase of approximately 100,000 in the UN peacekeeping force.
  • C. The year 2010 saw the UN peacekeeping force from the previous decade grow to approximately 100,000 strong.
  • D. The year 2010 saw the UN peacekeeping force decrease to just over 100,000 strong.


  • B. considerably less peace, less freedom, and less safety
  • C. much less peace, less freedom, and less safety
  • D. significantly less peace and freedom, and less safety


  • B. luminous
  • C. noteworthy
  • D. repeatable

11. Which sentence should be removed to improve the overall focus of the concluding paragraph?

  • A. Sentence 1
  • B. Sentence 3
  • C. Sentence 5
  • D. Sentence 6