SAT Subject Biology Practice Question 125: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 125

15. Medical researchers tested two different medications for treating type I diabetes. Both Drug 1 and Drug 2 mimic the effects of insulin on muscle, brain, and liver cells. The graph depicts the serum (blood) levels of the drugs in patients through eight hours after injection.

Which of the following can be inferred from these data?

A. The effects of Drug 2 are longer lasting.
B. Drug 1 is faster acting than Drug 2.
C. Drug 1 is at its highest concentration upon injection.
D. Drug 1 and Drug 2 have about equal concentrations after four hours.
E. Drug 2 is most highly concentrated within two hours of injection.

Correct Answer: E


Drug 2 is most highly concentrated within two hours after injection. The graph shows that Drug 2, not Drug 1, is faster acting and at a higher concentration upon injection. It cannot be determined from the graph which drug is longer lasting. After four hours, Drug 1 is more highly concentrated than Drug 2.

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