SAT Subject Biology Practice Question 135: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 135

5. Myriophyllum spicatum, or water milfoil, native to Eurasia, is an aggressive, invasive aquatic plant in North America. All of the following are reasons this species is successful as an invasive species EXCEPT

A. milfoil evolved from North American plant species
B. milfoil has few natural predators in a nonnative environment
C. milfoil has few natural competitors among North American plant species
D. milfoil is a hardy plant capable of succeeding in harsher environments
E. milfoil is resistant to many native diseases that are adapted to native plant species

Correct Answer: A


Because its evolutionary history is elsewhere, milfoil has adapted to an environment that lacks the natural predators and pathogens of North America, making it less susceptible to them and therefore more competitive than native plants in North America.

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