SAT Subject Biology Practice Question 277: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 277

7. A simple kind of learning involving loss of sensitivity to unimportant stimuli

A. Reasoning/insight
B. Imprinting
C. Classical conditioning
D. Habituation
E. Instinct

Correct Answer: D


D Habituation involves becoming accustomed to certain stimuli that are not harmful or important. For example, if you walk down the hallway and a friend jumps out at you and you get scared, that is a normal reaction to a startling stimulus. However, if this happens every time you walk down the hallway, you get accustomed to it and no longer are startled. You have become habituated to the stimulus. Note that for Questions 7-9, you just had to know the basic definitions of these types of learning. Most of the classification-type questions are like that.

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