SAT Subject Biology Practice Question 301: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 301

11. All of the following are true about the endocrine system EXCEPT

A. it relies on chemical messengers that travel through the bloodstream
B. it is a control system that has extremely rapid effects on the body
C. the hormones affect only certain "target" organs
D. it is involved in maintaining body homeostasis
E. its organs secrete hormones directly into the bloodstream, rather than through ducts

Correct Answer: B


B The endocrine system is a body control system, but it is NOT rapid. The fastest hormone in the body is adrenaline, and even that takes a few seconds, compared to the nervous system's milliseconds. Most hormones operate in the minutes to hours range. The other choices regarding the endocrine system are all true. Remember your LEAST/EXCEPT/NOT technique!

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