SAT Subject Biology Practice Question 383: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 383

13. An albino plant with vascular connections to a green plant of the same species that drains food from the green plant

A. Predation
B. Commensalism
C. Interspecific competition
D. Mutualism
E. Parasitism

Correct Answer: E


E If the albino plant is draining food from the green plant, the green plant is being harmed (being deprived of nutrition). Therefore, you can eliminate choices that do NOT cause harm: choice B (commensalism) and choice D (mutualism). Choice C can be eliminated because it discusses competition between two different species (interspecific) and the plants are of the same species. The choice falls between A and E. E is a better choice because the green plant is not being killed by the albino plant and predators generally kill their prey.

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