SAT Subject Biology Practice Question 402: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 402


Which structures carry blood rich in oxygen?

A. 2, 3, 4
B. 3, 5, 7
C. 4, 5, 6
D. 1, 5, 7
E. 2, 4, 5

Correct Answer: D


D Oxygen-poor blood returns to the right side of the heart through the superior and inferior vena cavae. The superior vena cava is labeled "3," so choices A and B can be eliminated. The right side of the heart (which includes the right ventricle, "6") sends oxygen-poor blood to the lungs through the pulmonary artery, structure "2" (choices C and E are eliminated). Structures 1 (the aorta), 5 (the left atrium), and 7 (the left ventricle), all carry blood rich in oxygen.

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