SAT Subject Biology Practice Question 411: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 411

1. Because some fruits contain enzymes that act as proteases, various fruit extracts were tested for use as possible meat tenderizers. The extracts were tested over a range of pH values. Below is a graph of relative effectiveness (compared to distilled water) vs. pH.

Over which pH range does pineapple extract operate at no less than 50% of its maximum effectiveness?

A. pH 4 to pH 10
B. pH 2 to pH 12
C. pH 6 to pH 8
D. pH 7 to pH 11
E. pH 10 to pH 14

Correct Answer: A


A Pineapple extract's maximum effectiveness is approximately 10. 50% of that is 5. The pH range where pineapple extract operates at at least 5 or better is pH 4 to pH 10.

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