SAT Subject Biology Practice Question 413: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 413

3. Because some fruits contain enzymes that act as proteases, various fruit extracts were tested for use as possible meat tenderizers. The extracts were tested over a range of pH values. Below is a graph of relative effectiveness (compared to distilled water) vs. pH.

What does it mean when a fruit extract has a relative effectiveness of 1 ?

A. It is 100% more effective than water.
B. It is 10% as effective as water.
C. It is 1% as effective as water.
D. It is equally as effective as water.
E. It is equally concentrated as water.

Correct Answer: D


D The graph shows relative effectiveness of the extracts when compared with distilled water. If an extract had a relative effectiveness of 1, that means it is equally as effective as the distilled water.

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