SAT Subject Biology Practice Question 430: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 430

20. A group of 10 newly hatched chicks was separated into two smaller groups containing five chicks each. One group (Group A) was left with the mother hen, the other group (Group B) was taken shortly after hatching and kept with a mother goose. The chicks in Group A displayed normal behavior and followed the mother hen around. The chicks in Group B followed the mother goose around and exhibited goose like behavior, such as swimming. After one week, Group B was reunited with the mother hen, but ignored her, and instead continued to follow the mother goose around the barnyard.

If exposed to a mother pig during the period shortly after hatching, the chicks in Group B would exhibit

A. pig like behavior
B. goose like behavior
C. chick like behavior
D. unique behavior
E. unknown behavior

Correct Answer: A


A For imprinting to occur, the only critical thing is the time period of exposure. The object the chicks are exposed to doesn't matter; whatever it is, they will attempt to imitate it. Because the chicks in this question were exposed to a pig during the critical period, they would exhibit piglike behavior.

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