SAT Subject Biology Practice Question 433: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 433

3. An organism that feeds at several trophic levels is

A. a carnivore
B. an omnivore
C. a primary consumer
D. an herbivore
E. a primary producer

Correct Answer: B


B The easiest choice to eliminate is E; primary producers do not feed at any trophic level. They support all other trophic levels by using solar energy to produce carbohydrates from carbon dioxide. Choices C and D mean the same thing. Primary consumers eat the primary producers (essentially plants) and therefore are called herbivores. Because there cannot be two correct answer choices, both C and D can be eliminated. Of the two remaining choices, both could be correct. Carnivores as well as omnivores can feed at several trophic levels. However, we know for a fact that all omnivores feed at at least two trophic levels (they eat primary producers as well as primary or secondary consumers), making choice B better than choice A.

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