SAT Subject Biology Practice Question 436: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 436

6. In a certain ecosystem, the primary producers represent 100,000 kcal of energy. Assuming a 10% transfer of energy between trophic levels, how much energy is available to the fourth trophic level?

A. 10 kcal
B. 100 kcal
C. 1,000 kcal
D. 10,000 kcal
E. 100,000 kcal

Correct Answer: B


B If 100,000 kcal are available at the first trophic level (the primary producers), then 10,000 kcal are available to the second trophic level, 1,000 kcal to the third trophic level, and 100 kcal to the fourth trophic level.

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