SAT Subject Biology Practice Question 48: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 48

2. Which of these correctly matches the plant cells to their tissue systems?

I. Guard cell

II. Palisade mesophyll cell

III. Sieve- tube member

A. I = dermal; II = ground; III = vascular
B. I = dermal; II = vascular; III = ground
C. I = ground; II = dermal; III = vascular
D. I = ground; II = vascular; III = dermal
E. I = vascular; II = ground; III = dermal

Correct Answer: A


Guard cells, which make up the stomata of the epidermis, are classified as dermal tissue. Palisade mesophyll cells, which carry out photosynthesis, are classified as ground tissue. Sieve-tube members, which make up the phloem, are classified as vascular tissue.

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