SAT Subject Biology Practice Question 52: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 52

1. Which of these correctly matches each structure to the germ layer from which it arises?

I. Femur

II. Brainstem

III. Lungs

A. I = endoderm; II = ectoderm; III = mesoderm
B. I = endoderm; II = mesoderm; III = ectoderm
C. I = ectoderm; II = endoderm; III = mesoderm
D. I = mesoderm; II = endoderm; III = ectoderm
E. I = mesoderm; II = ectoderm; III = endoderm

Correct Answer: E


The long bones are derived from the mesoderm; the nervous system, from the neural tube of the ectoderm; and the lungs, from the endoderm.

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