SAT Biology Practice Test 7: Meiosis and Mutations

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1. At which stage of meiosis do cells from a sperm cell precursor contain a haploid set of chromosomes, each consisting of two sister chromatids?

A. Anaphase I
B. Metaphase I
C. Prophase II
D. Anaphase II
E. Telophase II

2. In meiosis, crossing over takes longer than any other process. Which stage of meiosis is most likely the longest?

A. Prophase I
B. Metaphase I
C. Anaphase I
D. Prophase II
E. Metaphase II

3. At which stage in meiosis are sister chromatids of each chromosome identical?

I. Beginning of prophase I

II. Beginning of metaphase I

III. End of telophase I

A. I only
B. II only
C. III only
D. I and II
E. II and III

4. The diagram shown compares a normal chromosome with one that has undergone a rearrangement. The rearrangement is BEST described as a/an

A. deletion
B. duplication
C. nondisjunction
D. inversion
E. translocation

5. Which of these mutations in a gene will MOST LIKELY result in a shortened protein with a long sequence of substituted amino acids?

A. Missense substitution of one nucleotide
B. Insertion of two nucleotides
C. Deletion of three nucleotides
D. Silent substitution of four nucleotides
E. Nonsense substitution of five nucleotides