SAT Biology Practice Test 14: Ecology, Part 1

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Time 4 minutes

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1. Which of these best describes the population growth shown in the graph?

A. On day 1, the resources of the population limit its growth.
B. On day 2, the birthrate per individual is greater than on day 1.
C. On day 3, the population size is equal to K.
D. On day 4, the curve is most similar an exponential growth curve.
E. On day 5, the number of deaths approaches the number of births.

2. Compared to a country that has undergone demographic transition, a country that has NOT undergone this transition has which of the following?

I. Higher birthrate

II. Lower death rate

III. Higher growth rate

A. I only
B. I and II
C. I and III
D. II and III
E. I, II, and III

3. Which of these examples is represented by the Type III curve shown?

A. Most redwood seeds are eaten, but a few produce trees that live for decades.
B. The growth of a bamboo stand slows as space becomes limited.
C. The probability of a squid being captured and eaten is independent of its age.
D. The growth of a bacterial colony increases as new individuals are produced.
E. A few pandas are born in a population, but they survive through adulthood.

4. Which of these relationships results in harm to one of the species involved?

I. Commensalism

II. Predation

III. Herbivory

A. I only
B. III only
C. I and II
D. II and III
E. I, II, and III

5. All of these are likely consequences of removing a keystone species from an ecosystem, EXCEPT a/an

A. decrease in species diversity
B. increase in other community populations
C. increase in the types of ecological interactions
D. decrease in the carrying capacity for most of the community
E. increase in the rate of growth of one or more populations