SAT Chemistry Practice Test: Nuclear Chemistry

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1. As a nucleus of a particular isotope disintegrates, another nuclide is ormed. This change in the nucleus to form a new nuclide is called

A. binding energy
B. transmutation
C. stability
D. generation
E. synthesis

2. Which element has no known stable isotope?

A. Carbon
B. Silver
C. Radon
D. Phosphorus
E. Lead

3. In the artificial transmutation 94Be + X → 63Li + 42He, the particle represented by the letter X is a(n)

A. beta particle
B. positron
C. deuteron
D. proton
E. alpha particle

4. Which pair below would not be deflected or attracted by the charged plates in an electric field?

A. An alpha particle and a neutron
B. A beta particle and a positron
C. A quark and a deuteron
D. A proton and gamma radiation
E. Gamma radiation and a neutron

5. After 62.0 hours, 1.0 gram remained unchanged from a sample of 42K (half-life is 12.4 hours). What was the mass of b 42K in the original sample?

A. 64 grams
B. 32 grams
C. 16 grams
D. 8 grams
E. 4 grams

6. The energy released by the detonation of an atomic bomb is NOT related to

A. fission of the atom’s nucleus
B. fusion of the atom’s nucleus
C. a chain reaction
D. the release of many neutrons
E. the uncontrolled speed of many neutrons

7. The joining of many hydrogen nuclei in the nuclear reaction that occurs in stars is called a

A. mass defect
B. sunburn
C. fusion reaction
D. fission reaction
E. helium reaction

8. Iodine-131 is an excellent radioisotope for diagnosing health problems of the

A. kidneys
B. heart
C. lungs
D. thyroid
E. bone marrow

9. In determining the age of an artifact, an archaeologist is most likely to examine the percentage of

A. carbon-14
B. phosphorus-31
C. hydrogen-3
D. chlorine-37
E. bromine-81

10. Which equation is an example of an artificial transmutation?

A. 238U → 4He + 234Th
B. 27Al + 4He → 30P + 10 n
C. 14C → 14N + 0-1e
D. 226Ra → 4He + 222Rn
E. 99m43Tc → 9943Tc +γ

11. When Li-7 is bombarded with a proton, two alpha particles are released along with energy. It turns out that the mass of the two alpha particles actually weighs less than the original products in the reaction. The mass that was converted to energy is called the

A. Einstein conversion
B. mass defect
C. Theory of Relativity
D. natural transmutation
E. chain reaction

12. Radioactive emanations can be detected by using

A. a person’s DNA
B. a block of lead
C. a Geiger Counter
D. an x-ray machine
E. graphite and heavy water

13. One reason why certain isotopes have an unstable nucleus is because the number of

A. protons outweigh the number of neutrons
B. electrons outweigh the number of protons
C. neutrons outweigh the number of electrons
D. protons outweigh the number of electrons
E. neutrons outweigh the number of protons