SAT Chemistry Practice Test: Rates of Chemical Reactions

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Time 3 minutes

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1. Which is not the factor that affects the rate of a reaction?

A. Nature of the reactants
B. Surface area exposed
C. Concentrations
D. Temperature
E. Time

2. The addition of a catalyst to a reaction

A. changes the enthalpy
B. changes the entropy
C. changes the nature of the products
D. changes the activation energy

3. An increase in concentration

A. is related to the number of collisions directly
B. is related to the number of collisions inversely
C. has no effect on the number of collisions

4. At the beginning of a reaction, the reaction rate for the reactants is

A. largest, then decreasing
B. largest and remains constant
C. smallest, then increasing
D. smallest and remains constant

5. The reaction rate law applied to the reaction aA + bB → AB gives the expression

A. r [A]b[B]a
B. r [AB]a[A]b
C. r [B]a[AB]b
D. r [A]a[B]b