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Who should take it and when?

If you are strong French student who performed well in French 10 or an 11th grade course, you will be an excellent candidate for taking the French SAT II. Only the strongest students of French 10 should consider taking the test June following 10th grade. The test is also given October and December; October of your senior year is the latest you can take the test for early decision. There is also a French with Listening test offered only in November. The regular French SAT involves only reading; the French with Listening also has an aural component. Make certain to consult with your French teacher for advice when considering taking the test and for tips about preparation.

What is on the SAT French subject test?

The regular French SAT II is made up of multiple-choice questions covering vocabulary in context, grammatical structures, and reading comprehension passages. The readings use contemporary, everyday written French from a variety of sources, including dialogues, but structures specific to particular regions (i.e Quebec, France, etc.) are not tested. The French with Listening also includes an audio portion testing listening comprehension of everyday, spoken standard French following the same guidelines as the reading. Once again, consult with your teacher for advice about which test to take.

How should I prepare for SAT French subject test?

1. First, consult the SAT website for further information and practice questions. Then, take a diagnostic test, which will not only provide a guide for your review, but will also give you an idea of where your score sits when you begin your preparation. The best source for your diagnostic is The Official Guide to the SAT Subject Tests, which provides information on each subject test, along with an actual test used in a previous year released by the College Board. There is also a guide on scoring the test; follow this guide to find out your true score. Their scoring table will also reassure you that you can actually leave quite a few questions blank and still score quite high. Your French teacher will also be able to provide you with other practice tests.

2. Using your mistakes on the diagnostic and other practice tests, begin reviewing French grammar, using your old grammar books as a start. Since vocabulary in context and reading comprehension are both tested, practice reading various French sources – magazines, newspapers, etc. For further practice, get either SAT Subject Test French with 3 audio CDs, published by Barrons or Cracking the SAT French Subject Test from Princeton review. And once again, consult with your teacher for further resources and advice.

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