SAT Literature Practice Test 10

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Time 9 minutes

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Directions: This test consists of selections from literary works and questions on their content, form, and style. After each passage or poem, choose the best answer to each question.

1. In the passage, the ripening figs are symbolic of

A. the fruits of labor
B. the maturation of Babette
C. the difficulty of life
D. the enigma of nature
E. the battle between Maman-Nainaine and Babette

2. The phrase "but that is the way Maman-Nainaine was" suggests which of the following about Maman-Nainaine?

A. She was not aware of the seriousness of the situation.
B. She was an overly strict woman.
C. Her actions had their own logic.
D. She doled out punishment for no reason.
E. Figs were her favorite fruit.

3. What is the effect of the disagreement (lines 1-9)?

A. It illustrates Maman-Nainaine's bad judgment.
B. It serves to illustrate the patience of Maman-Nainaine and the impatience of Babette.
C. It demonstrates a passage of time.
D. It makes Babette appear spoiled and insolent.
E. It shows how argumentative Babette can be.

4. In the passage, Maman-Nainaine's attitude toward Babette can best be characterized as

A. contemptuous
B. flippant
C. reluctantly accepting
D. joyously optimistic
E. wisely patient

5. All of the following pairs of words illustrate the difference between Maman-Nainaine and Babette EXCEPT

A. patient (line 12) and "restless" (line 13)
B. early (line 30) and "late" (line 33)
C. purple (line 27) and "green" (line 28)
D. danced (line 15) and "sat" (line 22)
E. ripe (line 2) and "bloom" (line 39)

6. Which is the effect of the last sentence of the passage?

A. It shows that Maman-Nainaine is clearly illogical.
B. It serves as ironic counterpoint to the rest of the story.
C. It advances the symbolism introduced with the ripened figs.
D. It introduces a literary allusion.
E. It advances the story beyond its scope.

7. Maman-Nainaine's peeling of "the very plumpest figs" (line 35) illustrates that Maman-Nainaine

A. is testing their ripeness
B. prefers to cook her own food
C. is superstitious
D. is a refined woman
E. enjoys making fun of Babette

8. The word "though" (line 11) implies which of the following in the context of the sentence?

A. The two women were in disagreement.
B. Patience is a virtue when waiting for something.
C. Figs were not really important.
D. Their patience and impatience had no effect on nature.
E. Maman-Nainaine's patience was annoying to Babette.

9. The narrative point of view of the passage as a whole is that of

A. a disapproving observer
B. a first-person impartial observer
C. the protagonist
D. an unreliable narrator
E. a third-person objective observer