SAT Literature Practice Test 12

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Time 9 minutes

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Directions: This test consists of selections from literary works and questions on their content, form, and style. After each passage or poem, choose the best answer to each question.

1. Which of the following is the intended effect of the pauses in Mr. Keeble's conversation?

A. It demonstrates that he is a feeble man.
B. It makes his speech disjointed.
C. It shows his hesitancy in approaching his wife.
D. It slows the rhythm of the conversation.
E. It elucidates his main point.

2. Which of the following expresses a mythological allusion made in the passage?

A. interest on the loan (lines 28-29)
B. no sign of it (lines 20-21)
C. turned her to marble (lines 17-18)
D. in Lincolnshire (line 12)
E. the Pygmalion and Galatea business (lines 18-19)

3. All of the following represent metaphors or similes used by the authors EXCEPT

A. She had congealed (line 16)
B. enquired the statue icily (line 30)
C. coming to life (line 31)
D. presumably breathing (line 20)
E. Like some spell (lines 16-17)

4. The phrase "the place is apparently coining money" (lines 25-26) is meant to imply

A. the farm is presently engaged in illegal activities
B. the farm is profitable
C. the investment is unnecessary
D. the farm serves as a bank for the local people
E. Lincolnshire is a profitable place to live

5. Which of the following expresses Mr. Keeble's wife's feeling toward the loan?

A. amused detachment
B. utter disgust
C. preformed opposition
D. blatant apathy
E. neutrality

6. All of the following are physical manifestations of Mr. Keeble's anticipation of his wife's response EXCEPT

A. Keenly alive (line 1)
B. had to rattle the keys (line 3)
C. was not looking at his wife (line 5)
D. his eyes on the carpet (line 10)
E. producing another obbligato (line 23)

7. The phrase "in Lincolnshire, I think she said" (lines 12-13) implies that which of the following is true of Keeble?

A. Keeble is unaware of the location of the farm.
B. Keeble thinks the location is unimportant.
C. Keeble's memory is failing.
D. Keeble is attempting to appear casual.
E. Keeble wants to conceal the location from his wife.

8. Keeble's relationship with his wife is such that

I. he needs her approval

II. he is disgusted by her

III. he is intimidated by her

A. II only
B. III only
C. I and III only
D. II and III only
E. I, II, and III

9. The last line implies which of the following?

A. Mr. Keeble's wife is not interested in lending him money.
B. Mr. Keeble's wife is interested in the proposition.
C. Mr. Keeble has succeeded in his mission.
D. Mr. Keeble's wife is keeping an open mind about the loan.
E. Mr. Keeble's wife wants to hear more about the loan.