SAT Literature Practice Test 13

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Question 10 questions

Time 10 minutes

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Directions: This test consists of selections from literary works and questions on their content, form, and style. After each passage or poem, choose the best answer to each question.

[A street in London]

1. The word "sundry" (line 1) most nearly means

A. groceries
B. numerous
C. provisions
D. infrequent
E. few

2. The main effect of the Earl of Lincoln's first four lines is to

A. return Lord Mayor's generosity
B. acknowledge his indebtedness to Lord Mayor
C. emphasize the differences between the men
D. flatter Lord Mayor's vanity
E. get Lord Mayor to agree to the marriage of Lacy and Rose

3. What reason does the Earl of Lincoln give for his opposition to Lacy and Rose's marriage?

A. Rose is not a pleasant person.
B. Courtiers cannot marry.
C. The wedding will be too expensive.
D. Lacy does not love Rose.
E. Lacy will not be able to provide for Rose.

4. The Earl of Lincoln's attitude toward his cousin can best be described as

A. censoriousness
B. apathy
C. romantic love
D. dislike
E. affection

5. It can be inferred from the sentence "A goodly science for a gentleman/Of such descent!" (lines 33-34) that

A. the profession of shoemaker is not appropriate for someone of high birth
B. shoemakers often declare bankruptcy
C. the Earl of Lincoln admires the profession of shoemaker
D. as a shoemaker, the Earl of Lincoln's cousin will make a thousand pounds a year
E. shoemaking is a scientific occupation

6. Lord Mayor's attitude toward Lacy can best be described as

A. reluctant affection
B. avuncular indulgence
C. cautious approval
D. undeserved respect
E. disguised disapproval

7. The line "Well, fox, I understand your subtlety" (line 42)

A. allows Lord Mayor to speak to the Earl of Lincoln without others hearing them
B. entices the audience by revealing a secret
C. alienates the audience by prevarication
D. creates an atmosphere of unease in the play
E. insults the Earl of Lincoln

8. All of the following words are used to describe Lacy EXCEPT

A. affected (line 6)
B. high (line 13)
C. poor (line 13)
D. unthrift (line 20)
E. jolly (line 30)

9. This scene reveals a conflict between

A. generosity and frugality
B. prodigality and profligacy
C. youth and age
D. joy and melancholy
E. expression and emotions

10. The author has the Earl of Lincoln mention the French wars (line 53) in order to

A. reveal Lacy's new profession
B. foreshadow a military death
C. elucidate the causes of the conflict
D. explain a system of privilege
E. home in on a national debate