SAT Literature Practice Test 15

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Question 9 questions

Time 9 minutes

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Directions: This test consists of selections from literary works and questions on their content, form, and style. After each passage or poem, choose the best answer to each question.

1. The narrative tone in the above piece can best be described as

A. wry
B. bitterly ironic
C. detached
D. melodramatic
E. secretive

2. What is implied by the phrase "could make no advantage of it" (line 7) ?

A. Lady Bertram could use the news to suit her best interest.
B. Lady Bertram was unable to write about the news.
C. Lady Bertram could not relay the news in a pleasant light.
D. Lady Bertram could convey only part of the news.
E. Lady Bertram was bound to secrecy.

3. In context, the word "want" (line 14) means

A. requirement
B. desire
C. poverty
D. lack
E. defect

4. What is the "benefit" referred to in line 23 ?

A. friends with whom to visit
B. the ability to assist others
C. a house full of visitors
D. people willing to write letters
E. news to write about

5. The "amplifying style" (line 19) is one in which

A. things sound more important than they are
B. small bits of news are stretched in importance
C. the speaker's voice is very loud
D. people are made to sound grand
E. one writes in a large, bold print

6. It can be inferred that Sir Thomas is

A. Lady Bertram's son
B. Lady Bertram's husband
C. a boarder at Mansfield
D. a relative of the Grants
E. a friend of Lady Bertram

7. The last three lines serve to illustrate which of the following about Lady Bertram?

A. She has found something to write about.
B. She is spreading malicious rumors.
C. She is concerned about the news she is sending.
D. She is unaware of Fanny's feelings.
E. She is worried about her niece.

8. Lady Bertram is best described as

A. a social pariah
B. an unwanted family member
C. a disenfranchised member of society
D. a gossipy aristocrat
E. a disillusioned elderly woman

9. The phrase "even to her niece" (line 22) shows that Lady Bertram

A. doesn't much care for her niece
B. is unhappy with her niece
C. is uncomfortable around her niece
D. doesn't need to have much to say to her niece
E. dislikes the prospect of writing to her niece