SAT Subject Literature Practice Test 28

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Question 10 questions

Time 10 minutes

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Directions: This test consists of selections from literary works and questions on their content, form, and style. After each passage or poem, choose the best answer to each question.

1. All of the following details suggest that the events in this passage take place in modern times EXCEPT

A. the story's diction
B. mention of divorce
C. an American girl being in China
D. talk of a "new order"
E. use of electric lights

2. The line "A flame rushes over Ah Leen's face; then she becomes white as a water lily" provides examples of which two literary devices?

A. metaphor and simile
B. authorial intrusion and allusion
C. simile and comparison
D. literary allusion and metaphor
E. apostrophe and anaphor

3. It can be inferred from the passage that

A. Ah Leen has disobeyed her father
B. Yen Chow is interested only in money
C. Ah Leen's lover has not been in contact with her
D. Ah Leen's American friend has stolen her lover
E. Ah Leen is jealous of her American friend

4. The "great slight" (line 5) of which Yen Chow speaks is

A. a divorce
B. an abandonment
C. an interracial marriage
D. a deviation from the old ways
E. the disrespect of elders

5. The "perfume" (line 21) serves as a symbol of

A. the fragility of human ties
B. the passing of time
C. the strength of the marriage bond
D. the sweetness of mutual love
E. the endurance of love

6. From the beginning to the end of the passage there is a change in

A. point of view
B. syntax
C. temporal logic
D. diction
E. theme

7. Paragraph 6 "It is evening …" contains an example of

A. simile
B. personification
C. alliteration
D. parallelism
E. anthropomorphism

8. The last paragraph suggests that

A. the American girl is going to tell Ming Hoan's parents of the lovers' reunion
B. the American girl has a history with Ming Hoan
C. Ming Hoan's words are offensive to the American girl
D. Ming Hoan's words have caused the American girl to think about her own relationship in a different light
E. Chinese morality is incomprehensible to the American girl

9. Why does Ming Hoan not explain his silence?

A. He is afraid of hurting Ah Leen.
B. He is embarrassed of the reason.
C. He wants to protect their parents.
D. He doesn't feel he owes her an explanation.
E. Ah Leen does not ask him to explain.

10. The main theme of the story is

A. old customs are better than new ones
B. two people's love is stronger than circumstance
C. love can indeed be extinguished by time apart
D. absence makes the heart grow fonder
E. one can never truly know the heart of another