SAT Subject Literature Practice Test 29

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Question 8 questions

Time 8 minutes

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Directions: This test consists of selections from literary works and questions on their content, form, and style. After each passage or poem, choose the best answer to each question.

1. The words "Smitten with" (line 2) could best be replaced with

A. Caressed by
B. Filtered through
C. In love with
D. Awed by
E. Struck by

2. The poet's attitude in this poem is

A. resigned
B. stung
C. sullen
D. inured
E. imperious

3. Which of the following does NOT appear in the poem?

A. elusive water
B. an assortment of flora
C. potent liquor
D. evocative melody
E. exotic reverie

4. Which of the following does the first stanza employ?

A. religious iconography
B. paired alliteration
C. melancholic preaching
D. antipathetic musing
E. character revelation

5. It is reasonable to assume that the author equates music with

A. a mocking death
B. sweet fruit
C. his lost love
D. original sin
E. serpentine slyness

6. All of the following lines contain examples of personification EXCEPT

A. line 3
B. line 7
C. line 20
D. line 21
E. line 22

7. The third stanza lists examples of

A. anecdotal evidence
B. unpleasant memories
C. inclement weather
D. fickle fate
E. love's intensity

8. Which of the following could replace the last line of the passage?

A. In love, it's said, one cannot blunder.
B. Love like an army my heart did plunder.
C. Neither day nor night can thus resign.
D. I mourn their passing and decline.
E. May head and heart now intertwine.