SAT Subject Literature Practice Test 30

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Question 7 questions

Time 7 minutes

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Directions: This test consists of selections from literary works and questions on their content, form, and style. After each passage or poem, choose the best answer to each question.

1. The two men are most likely

A. old friends
B. of different cultures
C. future enemies
D. negotiators
E. members of the clergy

2. The passage moves from

A. past to future
B. general to specific
C. narration to dialogue
D. recitation to soliloquy
E. complexity to simplicity

3. The word "Ayiih!" (line 24) is an example of

A. Father Damien singing
B. Father Damien's language
C. Chopin's music
D. Father Damien's first name
E. an interjection

4. The main theme of the passage explores

A. cultural differences
B. ironic subtext
C. the connection between love and music
D. the nature of relationships
E. the influence of music

5. From the passage, Nanapush's attitude can be described as one of

A. intense curiosity
B. didactic patronization
C. guarded politeness
D. affirming sycophancy
E. scholarly enthusiasm

6. The phrase "flooded in the heart" (line 30) can best be replaced with

A. overcome by joy
B. racked with nostalgia
C. filled with emotion
D. engorged with blood
E. momentarily confused

7. In the last paragraph, Father Damien says the piano is made of time because

A. he does not know the word for "wood" in Nanapush's language
B. wood seemed too banal for so important an instrument
C. time seems to be as eternal as the capacity for music
D. he once saw a piano in a river
E. he is trying to change the subject to one he feels more comfortable with