SAT Subject Literature Practice Test 31

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Question 9 questions

Time 9 minutes

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Directions: This test consists of selections from literary works and questions on their content, form, and style. After each passage or poem, choose the best answer to each question.

1. Which of the following is personified in the first paragraph of the passage (lines 1-23) ?

A. voices
B. nightingales
C. ceilings and walls
D. paunches
E. ballrooms

2. The sisters can best be described as

A. vivacious yet standoffish
B. joyful yet impolite
C. beloved yet acrimonious
D. popular yet superficial
E. amusing yet despairing

3. The "curse in her blood" (lines 32-33) refers to

A. bad luck in romance
B. the strain of melancholy inherited by the sisters
C. the mother's lack of talent
D. the girls' overreaction to events
E. the mother's constant fear

4. The style of the last line can best be described as

A. a description of contrasts
B. an extended analogy
C. authorial intrusion
D. ironic detachment
E. subtle differentiation

5. In contrast to the sisters, Hanne is

A. practical
B. reassuring
C. dismissive
D. uncaring
E. even-tempered

6. The sentence "When one of them opened the ball, light as a bird, bold as a thought, she consecrated the gathering to the gods of true joy of life, from whose presence care and envy are banished" (lines 8-12) can best be restated as

A. the sisters acted as religious figures, blessing events
B. the sisters were anxious hosts, making sure their guests were enjoying themselves
C. if the sisters were at the ball, it could be considered a success
D. the sisters were so delightful that many in their presence had a good time
E. the girls never worried about or were jealous of others

7. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a talent of the sisters?

A. storytelling
B. singing
C. impersonations
D. organizing games
E. decorating

8. In this context, "uncanny" (line 31) most nearly means

A. concerned
B. uncomfortable
C. preoccupied
D. poisonous
E. invigorating

9. It can be inferred from the passage that the sisters

A. were members of the upper class
B. suffered from crippling clinical depression
C. were in search of appropriate husbands
D. were easily frightened
E. were indifferent to male attention