SAT Subject Literature Practice Test 32

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Directions: This test consists of selections from literary works and questions on their content, form, and style. After each passage or poem, choose the best answer to each question.

1. Which of the following is the closest paraphrase of the first sentence of the passage?

A. Joe's funeral was the finest display the black people of Orange County had ever seen.
B. Joe's funeral was the finest display of black people that the white people of Orange County had ever seen.
C. The finest-looking black people in Orange County were all in evidence at Joe's funeral.
D. The ceremony of Joe's funeral was not much compared to an average funeral for a white person in Orange County.
E. Joe's funeral gave the white people in attendance a chance to experience the world from a black point of view.

2. The effect of the first paragraph is to

A. contrast the pomp and display of the assembled mourners with Janie's genuine grief
B. show how Joe's funeral was not in keeping with the tendencies of his life
C. demonstrate the importance with which Joe was viewed in his community
D. illustrate the fruitless nature of our attempts to disguise the starkness of death
E. emphasize the ephemerality of life

3. It can be inferred that the mourners at Joe's funeral

A. are deeply grieved by Joe's death
B. are exaggerating their respect for Joe out of sympathy for Janie
C. are insincerely using Joe's funeral as an excuse for a flamboyant celebration
D. are all members of a single, tight-knit community
E. would be surprised to learn of Janie's sense of detachment from the proceedings

4. "Secret orders" (line 7) most probably refers to

A. the self-importance felt by those driving expensive automobiles to the funeral
B. the silent commands governing the conduct of some attendees at the funeral
C. members of fraternal organizations who came to the funeral dressed in their clubs' regalia
D. the haughty behavior of people attending the funeral whom the other attendees had never met or seen
E. the majestic, heavenly hosts of which Joe is now presumably a member

5. Why is Janie's veil described as "a wall of stone and steel" (lines 19-20) ?

A. The veil allows Janie to suppress her anguish and maintain her composure during the funeral.
B. The veil screens Janie from the accusing stares of the mourners at the funeral.
C. The veil represents the solidity of Janie's emotional state.
D. The veil allows Janie to endure the formal pretense of mourning at Joe's funeral, which is not in keeping with her true feelings.
E. The veil allows Janie to hide her true feelings from herself until after the funeral.

6. What is the effect of the phrase "the people finished their celebration" (line 31) ?

A. It draws attention to the funeral's emphasis on the virtues of Joe's life and achievements.
B. It emphasizes the communal nature of the funeral, which brings together individuals from all ranks of society.
C. It emphasizes Janie's isolation from the others at the funeral.
D. It emphasizes the distances from which people had traveled to attend the funeral.
E. It points out that celebrations are by nature temporary and must give way to the routines of daily life.

7. The style of the passage is characterized by the repeated use of

A. African American dialect
B. grammatically incomplete sentences
C. religious imagery
D. ironic turns of phrase
E. oxymoron

8. Which of the following phrases from the passage best expresses Janie's emotional state during the funeral?

A. gloat and glamor (line 6)
B. starched and ironed (line 18)
C. Darkness. Deep hole. (line 23)
D. Weeping and wailing (line 24)
E. resurrection and life (line 26)

9. Which of the following inferences can be made about Janie's relationship to Joe?

A. Janie knew Joe only as a casual acquaintance and is unmoved by his death.
B. Janie cared deeply for Joe and has not yet fully experienced the shock of his death.
C. Janie felt a strong dislike for Joe and must disguise her antipathy at his funeral.
D. Janie's relationship with Joe was such that she feels unburdened and revitalized by his death.
E. Janie's feelings for Joe were a secret to the community and must be suppressed at his funeral.