SAT Subject Test Math Level 2 Practice Test: Polar Coordinates

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Time 4 minutes

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1. A point has polar coordinate (2,60°). The same point can be represented by

A. (-2,240°)
B. (2,240°)
C. (-2,60°)
D. (2,-60°)
E. (2,-240°)

2. The polar coordinates of a point P are (2,200°). The rectangular coordinates of P are

A. (-1.88,-0.68)
B. (-0.68,-1.88)
C. (-0.34,-0.94)
D. (-0.94,-0.34)
E. (-0.47,-0.17)

3. Describe the graph of .

A. a parabola
B. an ellipse
C. a circle
D. a vertical line
E. the x -axis