SAT Subject Test Math Level 2 Practice Test: Matrix Multiplication

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Question 4 questions

Time 5 minutes

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1. The product AB =

B. [-37 21]
E. product is not defined

2. The first row, second column of the product is

A. -5x - 3
B. -x - 3
C. 1 - x2
D. 4x
E. 2x + 2

3. If , and AX = B , then the size of X is

A. 3 rows, 3 columns
B. 3 rows, 2 columns
C. 2 rows, 2 columns
D. 2 rows, 3 columns
E. cannot be determined

4. The chart below shows the number of small and large packages of a certain brand of cereal that were bought over a three-day period. The price of a small box of this brand is $2.99, and the price of a large box is $3.99. Which of the following matrix expressions represents the income, in dollars, received from the sale of cereal each of the three days?