SAT Subject Physics Practice Question 185: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 185

31. An object of mass 5 kg is acted upon by exactly four forces, each of magnitude 10 N. Which of the following could NOT be the resulting acceleration of the object?

A. 0 m/s2
B. 2 m/s2
C. 4 m/s2
D. 8 m/s2
E. 10 m/s2

Correct Answer: E


The maximum net force on the object occurs when all four forces act in the same direction, giving Fnet = 4F = 4(10 N) = 40 N, and a resulting acceleration of a = Fnet/m = (40 N)/(5 kg) = 8 m/s2. These four forces could not give the object an acceleration greater than this.

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