SAT Subject Physics Practice Question 206: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 206

52. A nonconducting sphere is given a nonzero net electric charge, +Q, and then brought close to a neutral conducting sphere of the same radius. Which of the following will be true?

A. An electric field will be induced within the conducting sphere.
B. The conducting sphere will develop a net electric charge of –Q.
C. The spheres will experience an electrostatic attraction.
D. The spheres will experience an electrostatic repulsion.
E. The spheres will experience no electrostatic interaction.

Correct Answer: C


The proximity of the charged sphere will induce negative charge to move to the side of the uncharged sphere closer to the charged sphere. Since the induced negative charge is closer than the induced positive charge to the charged sphere, there will be a net electrostatic attraction between the spheres.

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