SAT Subject Physics Practice Question 331: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 331

27. An astronaut is standing on an asteroid when he accidentally drops a wrench. He observes that the gravitational acceleration on the asteroid is 2.4 m/s2. If he had thrown the wrench at an upward angle instead, he would have found the gravitational acceleration on the asteroid to be

A. less than 2.4 m/s2.
B. toward him at 2.4 m/s2.
C. downward at 2.4 m/s2.
D. greater than 2.4 m/s2.
E. none of these.

Correct Answer: C


The correct answer is (C). Regardless of the direction of motion for an object in free fall near a large body, the gravitational acceleration exerted by the large body on the smaller body does not change.

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