SAT Subject Physics Practice Question 343: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 343


The three blocks in the diagram above are identical and are pulled at a constant rate across a surface that has a rictional coefficient of .22. Which of the following statements about the tensions in the connecting strings is correct?

A. T1 is equal to (T3 – T2).
B. T1 is equal to (T2– T3).
C. T2 is equal to (T3– T1).
D. T3 is equal to (T1– T2).
E. T3 is equal to (21).

Correct Answer: D


The correct answer is (D). There are no unbalanced forces because none of the blocks is accelerating. The tension in T1 is equal to the combined tensions in T2 and T3.To find T3, subtract T2 from T1.

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