SAT Subject Physics Practice Question 450: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 450

11. DeBroglie theorized that all moving objects emit waves (matter waves) based on their momentum . Accordingly, as your team's defensive end, it is your job to stop the other team's 250 pound fullback. If you could hear the fullback's matter waves and you listened as the opposing fullback received the ball and accelerated toward you, what sound would you hear?

A. An increase in loudness and an increase in frequency
B. An increase in loudness and a decrease in frequency
C. A decreasing loudness and an increasing frequency
D. A decreasing loudness and a decreasing frequency
E. Just a loud thump! thump! thump!

Correct Answer: A


The correct answer is (A). A combination of Doppler effect and matter waves. The waves being emitted by the moving fullback reach you at a rate greater than they are produced. Additionally the approaching fullback is getting louder, too.

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