SAT Subject Physics Practice Question 471: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 471

2. An Olympic weight lifter lifts a weight bar weighing 2000N straight up to a height of 2.25 m in a time of .65 seconds. The weight lifter stands holding the weight at that height for the next 4 seconds before dropping the weights to the floor.

How much work did the weight lifter do while holding the weights overhead?

A. 1300 Joules
B. 3077 Joules
C. 4500 Joules
D. 8000 Joules
E. No work was done

Correct Answer: E


The correct answer is (E). Work is defined as a force applied through a distance. The weight lifter did not move the weights through any distance after he lifted them overhead. He just stood holding the weights overhead, which does not meet the meaning of work in a physics sense.

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