SAT Subject Physics Practice Question 480: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 480


Two spheres are at rest on an inclined ramp as shown above. Sphere A has a mass ten times larger than sphere B. Both spheres are released at the same time and roll down the ramp. Which statement best describes the situation by the time sphere B reaches the bottom of the ramp?

A. The velocity of sphere A equals the velocity of sphere B.
B. The kinetic energy of sphere A equals the kinetic energy of sphere B.
C. The potential energy of sphere A equals the potential energy of sphere B.
D. Sphere A will catch up to sphere B.
E. Sphere B accelerates away from sphere A.

Correct Answer: A


The correct answer is (A). Both spheres accelerated at the same rate down the same incline for the exact same amount of time. This gives them both the same velocity at the time in question

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