SAT Physics Practice Test 4: Part B

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Question 15 questions

Time 12 minutes

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1. When a woman pushes on her grocery cart, the woman moves because of

A. the force the woman exerts on the grocery cart.
B. the force the grocery cart exerts on the woman.
C. the force the woman exerts on the ground.
D. the force the ground exerts on the woman.
E. the force the grocery cart exerts on the ground.

2. During a company picnic, 6 accounting department workers participate in a tug of war with 6 sales force personnel. Each team pulls on the rope with 1200N of force. What is the tension in the rope?

A. 2400N
B. 1200N
C. 600N
D. 200N
E. 100N

3. The catcher prepares to receive a pitch from the pitcher. As the ball reaches and makes contact with his glove, the catcher pulls his hand backward. This action reduces the impact of the ball on the catcher's hand because

A. the energy absorbed by his hand is reduced.
B. the momentum of the pitch is reduced.
C. the time of impact is increased.
D. the time of impact is reduced.
E. the force exerted on his hand remains the same.

4. A 12,500 kg boxcar rolling through a freight yard has a velocity of 1 m/s when it strikes another boxcar of the same mass that is at rest. Both cars stick together and continue to roll down the track with a momentum of

A. 0 kg·m/s
B. 3125 kg· m/s
C. 6250 kg·m/s
D. 12,500 kg·m/s
E. 25,000 kg·m/s

5. A 750 g peregrine falcon dives straight down towards a 400 g pigeon, which is flying level to the ground. Just before the falcon makes impact its velocity is 35 m/s. The velocity of the falcon and the pigeon in its talons immediately after impact is most nearly

A. 35 m/s
B. 31.95 m/s
C. 28.9 m/s
D. 25.85 m/s
E. 22.8 m/s

6. A father holds his child on his shoulders during a parade. The father does no work during the parade because

A. no force acts on the child.
B. the momentum of the child is constant.
C. the potential energy of the child is gravitational.
D. the child's kinetic energy is constant.
E. the child's distance from the ground remains the same.

7. Golden Glove boxers, who are amateurs, use larger, more padded gloves than professional boxers use. The amateur boxers are more protected from injury because

A. the larger glove exerts a larger impulse on the boxer.
B. the larger glove exerts a larger force on the boxer.
C. the larger glove exerts more energy on the boxer.
D. the larger glove increases time of impact on the boxer.
E. the larger glove increases the power exerted on the boxer.

8. The driver of an automobile traveling at 80 km/hr locks his brakes and skids to a stop in order to avoid hitting a deer in the road. If the driver had been traveling at 40 km/hr, how much faster would he have stopped?

A. 4 times the distance
B. 2 times the distance
C. 1/2 the distance
D. 1/4 the distance
E. Not enough information to tell

9. During a laboratory experiment, a 19.6N pile driver is dropped 2 m on to the head of a nail, which is driven 2.45 cm into a wood board. The frictional force exerted by the wood on the nail is

A. 96.04N
B. 165N
C. 1600N
D. 1960N
E. 3200N

10. For question above, what is the magnitude of the acceleration of the pile driver while it drives the nail into the board?

A. -165 m/s2
B. -800 m/s2
C. -1600 m/s2
D. -2000 m/s2
E. -3200 m/s2

11. A child is swinging on a swing set. As the child reaches the lowest point in her swing

A. the tension in the rope is equal to her weight.
B. the tension in the rope supplies a centrifugal force.
C. her kinetic energy is at maximum.
D. her tangential acceleration equals gravity.
E. her angular velocity is minimum.

12. A bicycle wheel spins on its axis at a constant rate but has not yet made a complete rotation. Which of the following statements is correct?

A. The angular displacement is zero.
B. The linear displacement is zero.
C. The angular acceleration is zero.
D. The angular velocity is zero.
E. None of these is zero.

13. An Olympic diver performs a 3.5 somersault. During his dive he uses the tuck position so that he will have

A. larger angular momentum.
B. smaller angular momentum.
C. larger rotational rate.
D. smaller rotational rate.
E. longer time in the air.

14. While riding on a merry-go-round, you decide to move from a position close to the center to a position on the outside rim of the merry-go-round. After you have changed position, which of the following has remained the same?

A. Tangential acceleration
B. Centripetal force
C. Angular displacement
D. Tangential velocity
E. Tangential displacement

15. The International Space Station is currently under construction. Eventually, simulated earth gravity may become a reality on the space station. What would the gravitational field through the central axis be like under these conditions?

A. zero
B. 0.25 g
C. 0.5 g
D. 0.75 g
E. 1 g