SAT Subject US History Practice Question 1006: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 1006

87. Although the Progressive movement consisted of a diversity of interests, a common belief held by most Progressives was that

A. the federal government should nationalize banks and major industries.
B. state governments should take steps to overturn Jim Crow laws and to stop lynching incidents.
C. higher tariffs should be implemented to protect U.S. businesses and preserve jobs for Americans.
D. the role of the government should be expanded to address social and economic problems.
E. women should honor the middle-class ideals of the "cult of domesticity."

Correct Answer: D


The progressives had a great deal of faith in the power of the government to implement reforms. These reforms included federal actions such as the Meat Inspection Act (1906) and the Federal Reserve Act (1913), which reformed the banking system, as well as state actions such as placing restrictions on lobbying in Wisconsin, the "laboratory of democracy." The nationalization of banks and industries (A) was advocated by socialists, not progressives. The progressive movement was largely silent on issues of race (B). Progressives generally wanted lower tariffs (C) to keep consumer prices from rising. Progressive-era reformers, such as Florence Kelley and Jane Addams, challenged traditional ideas about "feminine" behavior (E).

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