SAT Subject US History Practice Question 1018: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 1018

1. The social structure that emerged in the colonies by 1750 differed from the social structure in Europe in that the colonial social structure

A. lacked an aristocratic class.
B. allowed for greater social mobility than in Europe.
C. included the Native Americans.
D. placed the clergy in the middle class.
E. did not include indentured servants.

Correct Answer: B


There was greater social mobility in the colonies than in Europe and England, as the environment seemed to serve as an equalizer for people. The greater availability of land in the colonies allowed for more people to acquire property. There was a definite aristocratic class, consisting of the large landowners. The clergy occupied the top of the colonial social pyramid, along with the aristocrats and large landowners; indentured servants were in the lower class in colonial society but were higher than slaves. Native Americans remained outside the colonial social structure.

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