SAT Subject US History Practice Question 1034: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 1034

1. The election of 1800 has often been termed the "Revolution of 1800." This refers to the fact that it

A. marked the first election of a non-Virginian to the presidency since the establishment of the Constitution.
B. was a peaceful transition of the control of the presidency from a Federalist to a Democratic-Republican.
C. changed the process of electing the president.
D. resulted in the election of the first non-Christian to the presidency.
E. was the first election in which the western section of the country was very influential.

Correct Answer: B


The Election of 1800 marked a change from Federalist control of the White House to Democratic-Republican control. This transition took place peacefully. However, Jefferson kept many Federalist programs and used the Federalist argument of implied powers to justify the Louisiana Purchase. John Adams was from Massachusetts and was elected in 1796; Jefferson was elected in 1800, and he was a Virginian. The electoral process was not changed in this election. Jefferson was believed to be an agnostic or atheist. There were people who objected to him on these grounds, but this is not the reason for calling his election the "Revolution of 1800." The West had not yet become influential by 1800; when Andrew Jackson was elected in 1828, the West was more involved.

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