SAT Subject US History Practice Question 1055: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 1055

2. Match the battle with its state.

V) Vicksburg1) Georgia

W) Atlanta2) Maryland

X) Richmond3) Mississippi

Y) Gettysburg4) Virginia

Z) Antietam5) Pennsylvania

Answer choices:

A. V-3, W-1, Y-5, Z-2, X-4
B. V-3, X-4, Y-5, Z-1, W-2
C. W-1, X-4, Y-5, Z-3, V-2
D. V-2, W-1, X-4, Y-5, Z-3
E. W-1, X-3, Y-5, Z-4, V-2

Correct Answer: A


Vicksburg was fought in Mississippi, Atlanta was fought in Georgia, Gettysburg was fought in Pennsylvania, Antietam was fought in Maryland, and Richmond was fought in Virginia.

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