SAT Subject US History Practice Question 1066: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 1066

1. "Yellow-dog" contracts

A. required African Americans to agree to work as sharecroppers.
B. were the result of collective bargaining by unions and owners.
C. were part of the strategy used by owners to prevent the establishment of unions.
D. were welcomed by craft unions.
E. were emblematic of Gilded Age corruption.

Correct Answer: C


Some employers required potential employees to sign "yellow-dog" contracts before hiring them. These contracts stated that the employee would not join a union. Unions opposed these contracts, and they were eventually declared illegal. "Yellow-dog" contracts were forced upon potential employees—they were not the result of negotiations. No specific legislation required African Americans to work as sharecroppers. However, many of the black codes made owning property difficult for African Americans. No legitimate union would welcome "yellow-dog" contracts. The contracts are not examples of corruption; they were not secret contracts involving kickbacks or slush funds.

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