SAT Subject US History Practice Question 1069: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 1069

4. An important trend that characterized American society during the Gilded Age was

A. harmony and peace at industrial sites.
B. clean, efficient government.
C. a decline of rail transportation and an increase in truck and automobile use.
D. the continuation of rural traditions.
E. a growing economy.

Correct Answer: E


Industrial expansion fueled an overall growth in the American economy. The era was fraught with battles between labor and owners. Government during the Gilded Age was known for its corruption, most notably during the Grant administration and during "Boss" Tweed's reign in New York City. Choice (C) is incorrect for the Gilded Age; it would be correct if the question were about the post–World War II period. Though rural traditions might have held on in pockets of America, the era is noted more for change than tradition.

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