SAT Subject US History Practice Question 1070: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 1070

1. Pick the choice that matches the author with the book he or she wrote.

X) Stephen Crane

Y) Willa Cather

Z) Henry James

1) My ántonia

2) The House of Mirth

3) The Bostonians

4) The Red Badge of Courage

Answer choices:

A. X-4; Y-2; Z-1
B. X-2; Y-1; Z-3
C. X-4; Y-1; Z-3
D. X-3; Y-2; Z-4
E. X-2; Y-1; Z-4

Correct Answer: C


Stephen Crane wrote The Red Badge of Courage, a novel that takes place during the Civil War; Willa Cather wrote My ántonia, a novel of frontier life; and Henry James chronicled the life of upper-class Boston in The Bostonians. The House of Mirth, which chronicled high society and the clashes between tradition and modernity, was written by Edith Wharton.

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