SAT Subject US History Practice Question 1072: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 1072

3. Pick the answer that matches the person with the idea or movement he or she is associated with.

X) Charles Graham Sumner

Y) Jane Addams

Z) Andrew Carnegie

1) the gospel of wealth

2) social Darwinism

3) pragmatism

4) the settlement house movement

Answer choices:

A. X-1; Y-2; Z-3
B. X-2; Y-3; Z-4
C. X-2; Y-4; Z-1
D. X-3; Y-4; Z-1
E. X-3; Y-1; Z-2

Correct Answer: C


Charles Graham Sumner was the most prominent proponent of social Darwinism. Jane Addams is the person most closely identified with the settlement house movement. Andrew Carnegie wrote a book entitled The Gospel of Wealth. William James is associated with the pragmatist philosophical movement.

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