SAT Subject US History Practice Question 1099: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 1099

2. Pick the answer that correctly matches the artist and the cultural product he or she created:

X) John Steinbeck

Y) Frank Capra

Z) Margaret Mitchell

1) Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

2) The Good Earth

3) The Grapes of Wrath

4) Gone With the Wind

5) Waiting for Lefty

Answer choices:

A. X-2; Y-4; Z-5
B. X-3; Y-2; Z-4
C. X-5; Y-2; Z-2
D. X-3; Y-4; Z-1
E. X-3; Y-1; Z-4

Correct Answer: E


Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is a film by Frank Capra about a decent politician. The Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck, is the most important novel about the suffering caused by the Depression. Gone With the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell, is an important, and somewhat racist, account of life in the Old South. The Good Earth is a novel by Pearl Buck about peasants in China, and Waiting for Lefty is a working class play by Clifford Odets.

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