SAT Subject US History Practice Question 11: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 11

3. The abolitionist movement had difficulty gaining supporters in the early1800s because

A. African slaves were content with their status
B. there were no Africans in powerful positions in the government
C. Africans easily found ways to flout the system of slavery
D. Northern whites could ignore the wrongs of the slave system in the South and Southerners found it too profitable to end
E. Quakers were a majority in the colonies and spoke out against slavery at an early date

Correct Answer: D


Slaves were always in favor of abolition; abolitionism was a movement that succeeded in the end because of its white membership. Whites who did not see the effects of slavery on a daily basis either did not know or would not acknowledge its brutality, and Southerners had a strong economic incentive to maintain slavery as a system.

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