SAT Subject US History Practice Question 1100: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 1100

3. Sit-down strikes proved to be a successful strategy for some unions in the 1930s primarily because they

A. were enthusiastically supported by the Roosevelt administration.
B. prevented damage to company property.
C. prevented the factory owners from carrying on production with strikebreakers.
D. tended to gain public sympathy.
E. were protected by federal legislation.

Correct Answer: C


The strikes closed down factories, such as the General Motors facility in Flint, Michigan. Roosevelt supported organized labor but not specifically sit-down strikes, which were not protected by law, making (A) and (E) incorrect. Choice (D) is incorrect because the public's reaction was mixed—some saw the sit-down strikers as lawbreakers. Even if some sectors of the public supported the sit-down strikes, that is not what made them successful. Strikers had no vested interest in protecting company property, making (B) incorrect.

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