SAT Subject US History Practice Question 1107: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 1107

2. In the years after World War II, President Truman's foreign policy was focused chiefly on

A. nuclear testing.
B. economic growth in underdeveloped countries.
C. containment of international communism.
D. diplomatic relations with Eastern European nations.
E. creation of cultural links with Red China.

Correct Answer: C


The greatest external fear of the United States after World War II was the spread of communism, and Truman took appropriate measures. These included signing the NATO treaty, pledging economic and military aid to nations facing the threat of communism (Truman Doctrine), and sending troops to fight in Korea. Issues regarding nuclear testing and underdeveloped countries, although important, did not receive as much attention as did the threat of communism. Given the tensions of the Cold War and anti-American attitudes in Eastern Europe and Red China, the United States did little to promote ties with them.

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